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Athlon Optics Rifle Scopes

 Our riflescopes offers extensive 9 riflescope families that include Cronus BTR, Cronus, Ares BTR, Midas BTR, Helos BTR, Argos BTR, Argos, Talos BTR, Talos, and Neos.  As the top of the lines,  Cronus will be made  by one of the finest riflescope supplier in the world offering 6 power ratio scopes with first focal plane illuminated reticle  inside. Both Midas and Argos family ( including BTR) are the mid tier level products that offer great features and reticles for competitive shooters and tactical users. First and second focal plane reticles with ranging capability and features for long range precision shootings will be offered in those two product families. Talos BTR product family offers great cost for those competitive shooters and hunters who need a versatile 1-4×24 for short range application or a powerful first focal plane reticle for mid range shootings. As primary lines for hunting and recreational shooting, both Neos and Talos lines offer traditional hunting center cross reticles and BDC reticles ( specially designed for .22 .223 and other major hunting ammos for holding over positions up to 600 yard). They also offer illuminated version of BBC reticles that are perfect for low ambient light environment where you bag your games at most of the time. 

Please note that all our rifle scopes carry the Athlon Gold Lifetime Warranty